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Who we are?

Our Program was developed to assist people in reducing crime, police do a wonderful job but they cant be everywhere, with our program we can pass information on to the community about crime and what to look out for e.g; scams, theft, burglary's, smash and grabs etc, intern any information that comes back to us will be handed to police.

We believe if you see a crime in your street but only managed to get the colour of the car for example, someone in another street may have the make & model, you could send through an email to us with any suspicious behaver in your area and we would place it in our newsletter and website for other members, and this would increase the chances of getting more information for the police and increase the chances of solving the crime, another example would be if your home was broken into you would let us know asap and we would alert those members with CCTV to check their data base for any suspicious vehicles etc, as burglars usually drive around the area and even door knock before doing the crime.

Community Against Crime is a FREE program for the community, we are still in our early days and are only operating in the Tarneit/Hoppers Crossing are, if you would like to have Community Against Crime program in your area or you could volunteer please feel free to contact us.

Mission Statement

We believe all communities have the right to live in a crime free environment, this can be achieved with our crime prevention programs using home based CCTV, community newsletters, website, nightly neighbourhood patrols, crime prevention cards, neighbourhood alert list and signs posted at the entrance of participating streets stating “CCTV OPERATES IN THIS AREA” this will also give the participating communities other benefits like, discounted insurance premiums, safer neighbourhoods and community comradery.


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